About Deepa

Deepa is one of the lead trainers and consultant who closely looks upon projects, collaborates and brings about best of the possible solution to her clients.

She has been a globe trotter thanks for her career in the Aviation industry and has traveled to 45+ countries – which has honed her skill to observe and understand without any language communication.

She is a trainer by heart and is a passionate entrepreneur, a trait which has driven Burgeon Skills to a successful position today. Believing in long term relationships’ with clients, Deepa has always managed to work on regular basis with her clients, many of whom have given her multiple references.

After years of experience and knowledge, Deepa began her signature program –MIME-Decoding body language training and coaching services. In her pastime she loves to observe people and decode their emotions through their non-verbal’s like in coffee shop, airports, social media, and sometimes over the phone
i.e. by tone of the voice.

A mother of two children, she strives to upscale her knowledge by investing time and effort to learn new things-after all she says “If you are the most important person in your life you need to be happy-do things that you love.Unless you aint hustling enough you will not reach where you want to.”

Shes an avid reader and follower of Richard Branson ,carmine gallo, dwayne johnson ,rashmi bansal.