Brace brace-heads down stay down: 7 tips to deal with I-20-isolation 2020

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It was just yesterday when I went on reflecting on hardhitting times just as we all are facing now during COVID-19 lockdown days. This is not for the first time I am or rather we are facing adversity.
However 10 years back in 2010 there was a downfall in the aviation industry and I was a part of it. Many had lost their jobs and I was on the verge of losing mine. To give you a background, I was one of the few lucky ones who had the opportunity to work overseas. This was considered as a very lucrative job offer as a very handful of people got such career advantages. I worked for Singapore airlines as cabin crew and continued to work for there for the next 3 years.

One major thing that I observed about the Aviation industry is that it always proactively deals with flight safety issues. They use standard methods of PREDICTION, OBSERVATION and PREPARATION. This can be seen with practical statements like
“When this happens please…. or “What if…”

For Example affirmative safety statements like –What if the aircraft is going to impact on ground? (These are Positive words for an aircraft crash!)

The crew is supposed to secure the cabin, secure themselves and shout for BRACE…BRACE-HEADS DOWN STAY DOWN! What happens next can only be a survivors tale.

While on the job I had 2 such life curling moments when the Aircraft almost had ground impact. What I learned then was that I had my own way of bracing BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER the stressful situation.

  1. Asking “What if” type of questions can help you. They give you ample time to prepare, generate ideas and solve problems. A Pro tip- Ask this question quite early in your life.
  2. Keep Hope. You have 2 ways to live your life. Believe in miracles and that the ultimate choice in yours always. Each of these thoughts can change your course of life.
  3. Gratitude Is Power. You must learn to express gratitude. Try this the next time you do something. Learn to say thank you with each and every step. (Thank-with one and you with the other foot)- Courtesy Magic book by Rhonda Byrne. You will start to feel good and your day will be a smooth sail.
  4. Stay connected! When you stay connected to your family and friends and build close relationships, you will be away from depression, sulking and boredom.
  5. Take care of your health.Your body will thank you in the present and in the future.
  6. Have a hobby- Get creative and passionate.
  7. Accept the Change- As swami Vivekananda has said “Change is inevitable.” Nothing is going to stay forever.

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