Does the journey end in Conflict?

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Helen Keller famously said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

A study by Accenture has revealed that five in six people feel disconnected at work, especially the on-site employees, who feel the least connected of all. Internal conflict, unmatched personalities, unresolved issues, and inability to cope with rapid change, all of these can result in an unhealthy workplace environment. While many of us can effectively determine the issue, implementing a solution sometimes seems daunting.

 When the Jigsaw Discovery Tool session was arranged by one of our multinational pharmaceutical clients for their Mumbai-based hospital partner, the results helped participants achieve credibility along with a worthwhile relationship. Why was the session so impactful you may ask? 

Well, the session was conducted for hospital staff from various levels like senior doctors, head surgeons, and nurses, along with administrative staff to increase efficiency and decrease conflict. Unlike other sessions this time they went through an engaging and interactive way of dealing with conflict. In the session, one of the head nurses highlighted how she felt that the head surgeon had spoken to her rashly, while the peers were not subjected to the same treatment. 

The Jigsaw Discovery Tool helped them dissect such incidents, helping the team become alert and aware of the ways they would take and receive emotions. Through non-threatening and immediately applicable methods of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, the learner is completely immersed and involved in the learning process from the beginning and continues back into the workplace with practical strategies and tools that learners begin to implement and commit to long-term memory even before leaving the workshop.

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