Don’t be so naïve: here are some effective tips to deal with domination

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  • Posted by: Deepa

It has been observed that often a lot of us have a need to acquire approval of others in our taking a decision or taking a call in life.

I too had to face this in the early stages of my career-internally and externally.
While taking an opinion is considered “OK” sometimes things change drastically. What would you do if your reliable decision taker who you seek support from starts Dominating? Imagine getting dominated? You would feel as if you are falling “Prey” to the hunter…not until the hunter gets hunted.

It’s easy to tell the traits of a Typical Hunter: They love to sniff, identify the weak spots, they know your liking and they are good at deceiving and are well aware of their own needs and wants.

It’s also easy to tell the traits of the Prey: They are usually casual and believe in equality, peace, love and are amiable. They often seek validation and lack strategy. The ‘Prey’ is often found seeking guidance and advice.

So here are tips for you to build in course of time if you are falling ‘Prey’:

1) LEARN TO SAY NO EARLY- It is simple. Your decision is the most important decision that you will ever take.

PRO TIP- Do not micromanage and take every decision-take the few important ones and save your energy. A Hunter notices when you fluster. (Fluster meaning you are not able to manage things around) You come across as weak when you don’t take your own decision and the hunter will take advantage of that.

2) WIN AT STARE GAME- Practice this exercise whenever you can. Look into the mirror and stare at yourself. Take a deep breath and let a few seconds pass. Now talk to yourself. What would you say? Practicing this in scenarios will give you the confidence to execute your move with the opponent (hunter) flawlessly when the apt situation arises.

PRO TIP- Hunters rarely blink before attacking. However a Hunter shivers through when their Prey stares back with confidence.

3) LESS IS POWER: Speak Less-Observe More. This is a mantra for life. Prepare what you want to convey beforehand. Have absolute clarity on what you want to share with others. You are the only one who has to be aware of your moves.

PRO TIP- To confuse your opponent, cover your core truth with cushion of lies

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