How to Build a Winning Team

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A team of professionals from a leading skin& hair care brand was among the first to benefit from the Jigsaw Discovery Tool’s launch in India. The team consisted of extremely capable and knowledgeable professionals who strived extremely hard to achieve new levels of success. In the process, they ended up in a loop of unhealthy competition. Eventually, this suffocated the team and affected their performance.

Deepa Padda, the only facilitator and license holder of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool in India, took up this herculean task of helping the team win together. Let us look at the outcomes from the training that did not only produce a single winner, but rather an entire winning team: 

1. Awareness: The participants were made aware of similarities and looked above each other’s variabilities. A path-breaking study on how we seek similarity in relationships, co-authored by researchers at Wellesley College and the University of Kansas, upends the idea that “opposites attract,” instead suggesting we’re drawn to people who are like-minded.

2. Discovery: They were able to uncover a lot of hidden layers of each other which made them view their teammates with a different lens, most of them were able to see similarities over contrasts. They learned how their own misconceptions were a roadblock in their journey to success.

3. Acceptance: While all the uncovering and awareness flows in the right direction, the participant connects the missing dots and the big picture made much more sense to them. They realized their lens was distorted, they were viewing their competitors as threats, whereas they were different yet similar in many ways.

After the session, this team not only resolved internal conflict but also boosted their sales way above their counterparts of other regions who did not participate in the session. The diversity of each organization is essential for people to learn from each other. But what happens when the employees start feeling like they do not have the same mindset? Are you an HR manager or key decision-maker seeking to foster innovation and reduce conflict? Get in touch with us at 9167736388 to know more about our fun and interactive Jigsaw Discovery Tool to reshape perspectives in your teams.

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